Pull stop dog collar "Tucson", webbing with silver colored tribal

Pull stop dog collar "Tucson", webbing with silver colored tribal

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This pull-stop dog collar model "Tucson" is lined with soft nappa leather. This makes the collar optimally cushioned without the collar becoming too heavy. The strap is black, 1 inch wide and has a sewn border with a silver colored tribal motif. It is designed for a neck circumference of 12.6 inches. The under-padding with two-ply soft nappa leather provides a comfortable and soft wearing feeling for the dog and protects the sensitive larynx.

Example: the dog has a neck circumference of 12.6 inches, the play for the pull stop is about 2 inches. This collar is more than 12.6 inches. It' pulled over the dog's head to the neck. If he runs loose on the leash, then the collar is loosely attached to the dog's neck (with the play of up to 2 inches). If the dog pulls on the leash, the collar is pulled up to a circumference of 12.6 inches - BUT NOT CONTINUE. So to speak, 2 inches of obedience.

Important note: a pull-stop collar is not a gag strap

Please tell us the neck circumference (in inches) of your dog the we'll fit this collar specially for your dog.  How to measure the circumference of the neck can be found in our measurement instructions.

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